About Chris

Born in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, I've always had a passion for adventure and the outdoors and grew up camping, hiking and backpacking.

I've been fortunate enough to have been able to explore many of the wild places in the United States, as well as internationally in the Himalayan Mountains of India, the jungles of Colombia, Panama, and Mexico, and the ancient ruins of Peru.

I founded the Iowa Explorers Club in 2014, which has grown to over 1000 members, and enjoy sharing my love of the wilderness with others.

My mission is to bring people on journeys that give them the opportunity  to rediscover the simple innocence and joy of being in the wild, to rekindle their sense of exploration & adventure, and to revisit what it means to strive towards shared goals in a community with others.  

The wild provides opportunities for self-discovery, personal development & personal transformation. 

I've led over 80 wilderness trips since the 90's, am a certified Wilderness First Responder, and am educated in "Leave No Trace" practices. I'm also an avid rock climber and canyoneer.
Chris Beckley International Outdoor Adventures
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We Specialize in Unconventional Outdoor Adventures In North America and Internationally. From"First Time" Jungle Explorations In Panama to Little Known Trekking Routes In Colorado, To Exotic Mountain Peak Summit Attempts, We Will Reawaken Your Adventurous Spirit.
We bring together passionate people like you with diverse backgrounds and ages who share your love of the outdoors. 

"My mission is to take people on journeys that give them the opportunity to rediscover the simple innocence and joy of being in the wild, to rekindle their sense of exploration & adventure, and to revisit what it means to strive towards shared goals in a community with others." 
-Chris Beckley, CBIOA Founder
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Regardless of your faith, the promise of the wilderness, both in solitude and community, is peace, a return to childlike innocence... and freedom.

Taking time from the dull regularity of civilized life to explore with other like-minded individuals brings back the sense of adventure inherent in all of us, which has been subdued and denied to us in civilization.

The promise of the wilderness is also that of breaking personal boundaries.  

The opportunities to overcome fears and realize that we're more capable than we ever imagined are abundant.  

We are a small and exclusive bunch, a subset of society, a niche. We do things that others will not, cannot, or refuse to do.  

Because in doing so, not only do we see the physical world as they never will, but we can experience a freedom, a sense of adventure and belonging that they may never know.
Modern day society has stripped away our sense of community with our isolated lives of work, debt, bills and other obligations.

We work towards goals in which we tell ourselves we'll be happy once they're achieved but never find real fulfillment.  
If you've ever hiked or slept alone in bear country or rappelled off a 100-foot cliff and faced the fear down, you know what I'm talking about.

What's experienced in the outdoors can be treated as a metaphor for life.  

Ultimately, this company is about becoming the best each of us can be and sharing that in community with others.
Though we do things that are out of the ordinary and may appear extreme to some people, safety is always first and we welcome beginners! We will show you the ropes!

The only requirements are to be physically fit and have a positive attitude.

Thank you for taking time to visit my site and I hope to see you on an adventure soon! 
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(Don't be a copycat)
​"The elements that make our outdoor experiences more challenging also make it much more rewarding!
-Jennifer Swann, multiple adventure participant
"I love nature (in) that I always feel like the odd person out. I feel nature so strongly it just gets into me to my very core. So to be able to experience that with others that feel that way too was just one of the most memorable and incredible experiences of my life. Thanks again.
- Lori Beem, first time attendee
"Thanks for all you do! Your passion, hard work, preparation, and spirit of sharing and inclusion allow me to escape the stresses of my Monday-Friday with minimal responsibility. My life is enriched by you... (the trips)... and all it's crazy characters! I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you do! Thanks.
- Lisa K, multiple adventure participant
Beginners Are Welcome! Don't Let A Lack Of Experience Stop You. 
We'll Help With Everything You Need To Know!
"We must not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we began, and to know the place for the first time."
-T.S. Elliot