Colorado Skiing
& Moab Mountain Biking
April 2006
Kyle resting on a rare flat area on the way to the incredibly steep Amasa Back near Moab, Utah.
Kyle and I drove to Colorado from Fairfield and picked Gabriel up from the airport where we proceeded to ski & snowboard at Copper Mountain.
I had been telling Gabriel for years how incredible the area around Moab, Utah was and we finally got it together to go.
During the morning I was dehydrated and my legs weren't working right so I was trying to avoid the black slopes.
Gabriel near a ski lift.
Next Day: On to Moab and the famous Slickrock Trail.
Here I am wearing body armor on my rented $1500 bike.
Kyle in body armor on the trail.  See the white dots seemingly disapearing into a 500 foot chasm? That's the trail.
Everything you see up to the snow covered La Sal mountains in the background is red sandstone, which is like riding on sandpaper.  Great traction, but you don't want to fall off your bike.  That little dot is me riding up the "trail"..
Moab valley in the background.
I'm beat.  At first Kyle and I didn't think we would be able to complete the entire trail after going a mile or so...and we're in excellent shape.
Behind Kyle is an 800 foot fall into the Colorado River.
On the left is a cave where I took landscape photo's a few years ago.
There were lots of climbs on the slickrock trail.  It didn't help that I had rented heavy downhill racing bikes.
Kyle rests after a climb.  The shadow from his nose makes him look like he's missing a tooth.
The chute from hell.  Notice how the trail becomes nearly vertical? 
I ponder my chances of survival.
...and finally go for it.
...heading almost straight towards the ground...
...and somehow I make it.
Gabriel and the Colorado River.
After recovering from the exhausting Slickrock Trail, we fuel up the next morning at this nice breakfast spot.
Little do we know how physically demanding the day to come will be.
First off we tackle the sovereign trail - a more traditional singletrack trail with several rocky drops that could mess you up.
Kyle and Gabriel on the Sovereign trail.
Next was the Amasa Back trail which nearly did us in.  The lack of pictures of the non-stop 2 hour climb sheds light on our plight.  At first I thought I was going to die but pushed on and tapped into an unseen reserve of energy.
Halfway up Amasa Back.
Finally at the top of Amasa Back, thousands of feet above the Colorado River valley.  We started the ride basically at the bottom you see below.
The Colorado River from Amasa Back.
What I really like about south-east Utah is the coexistance of snowy mountains, red rocks, and green valleys.
The ride down was fast and fun.  The heavy downhill bikes were now a plus.
The next morning I drove Gabriel up towards the mountains to do one last crazy trail.  Kyle and I were too tired to do another ride.
The trail descended along this cliff near the snowy La Sals.
Driving home 1100+ miles.